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Jason Rhoades at Hauser & Wirth , Art Basel 2011, Unlimited
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Jason Rhoades at Hauser & Wirth , Art Basel 2011, Unlimited

Opening: Daniel Askill @ Gallery A. S.

Daniel Askill's new exhibition furthers his exploration of ritual in a modern context. He began this investigation with his 2004 short film, We Have Decided Not to Die, followed by a 2009 solo show, Artefacts From The Fifth RitualModern Worship marks the next phase in Askill’s body of work, and in his progression towards a future feature-length film.

In this exhibition, Askill explores two major events of the last decade - the atrocities of 9/11 and the death of the ‘King of Pop’, Michael Jackson - and could be considered a response to J.G. Ballard’s The Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy Considered as a Downhill Motor Race. Ballard’s experimental essay explores how the mass media landscape transforms human events into hyper-reality and, of course, money. A re-contextualising or less conventional interpretation of these grim events may help us view them from a new perspective.

This exhibition will centre upon a large-scale projection of a striking slow motion video tableau, a looping installation that draws on elements of pop culture, Hollywood spectacle, global disaster, idolatry and what constitutes a religion. Further works including sculpture, small screen video and photographic editions question the way modern events are portrayed in the media, and the multiplicity of delivery as it pervades and infects the private mind of the individual. 

Gallery A.S. is Joseph Allen Shea's new roaming gallery project, presenting both local and international art through a series of impermanent exhibitions in selected venues across Sydney and beyond.


Opening tonight: Alex Kopps + Alex Knost @ China Heights

'O.B.O' shows a collection of work that focused on in between moments and accidents. Alex Kopps will be showing abstract analog video art made primarily from reflections, optical tricks and glitches found in consumer digital cameras. Alex Knost will show large optical prints of 35mm snap shot photography. There will also be a handful of limited prints and drawings on show.

Alex Kopps attended The California College of Arts in San Francisco, where he still lives and works. His visual art consists of paintings with gouache on wood and paper with subject matter that is largely nonobjective but aesthetically has strong ties to the natural world. Having also worked on several film and photographic projects in recent years, Alex’s gallery shows are now often filled with diverse range of medium. Alex is part of US label RVCA’s Artist Network Program including artists like Aaron Rose, Ed Templeton, & Andrew Pommier.

Alex Knost is best put in the all-rounder category, although making his name through surfing, hes also a talented artist and musician. Starting his career with painting and drawings, he has now also focused more of his work on film and photography. With recent projects including the alternative surf flick ‘Beach Blanket Burnout’.

Now showing: Myles Heskett @ Mart Gallery


Myles Heskett is a Sydney-based artist.

Encouraged to draw at a young age by his father, who was also an artist, Myles went on to study at the National Art School, graduating in 1999 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Now working mainly in oils on canvas and ink/mixed media on paper, Myles cites some of his artistic influences as Miro, Cy Twombly, Basquiat, Stanley Donwood and David Lynch.

Heavily involved in music, Myles is also a drummer and was a founding member of the rock band Wolfmother. He began working on this current collection after coming off a world tour in 2007.

Since leaving Wolfmother in 2008 Myles has continued his musical pursuits in the band Palace of Fire, touring with The Slew in early 2010 and recently beginning a new collaborative project Machete Moon.

The Valleys of Ash will be Myles’ second solo exhibition. His first, Inhabitants, in 2003, was a collection of paintings, prints and drawings.

Wolf Trails

Myles is publishing Wolf Trails in conjunction with the exhibition. The book features a selection of drawings from the sketchbook he carried with him while on tour with Wolfmother between 2005 and 2008.

Myles would draw while sitting in airports, planes, tour buses, hotel rooms and venues around the world and he describes his sketchbook as “my primary source of meditation when faced with the boredom of countless hours spent in transit.”

Wolf Trails will be available to view and purchase at Mart Gallery throughout the exhibition.

Exhibition will run from Friday 8th April - Saturday 30th April. Closed over Easter long weekend (Friday 22nd, Saturday 23rd, Sunday 24th, Monday 25th April, Tuesday 26th April).



Andy Warhol Self-Portrait fetches $ 17 million View high resolution


Andy Warhol Self-Portrait fetches $ 17 million


Ellsworth Kelly “Reliefs 2009-2010” at Matthew Marks Gallery, NY
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Ellsworth Kelly “Reliefs 2009-2010” at Matthew Marks Gallery, NY

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